Premium Soft Shaggy | Red Shaggy Rug

Super Soft Rugs

The impressive Prada Rugs is a premium super soft shaggy rug collection. The Prada shaggy rugs promote utter luxury.  These soft shaggy rugs are made with an impressive 50mm pile height.  It is 100% Soft Microfibre Polyester Shaggy.  Generally, the super soft shaggy Prada Rug is perfect for creating a luxuriously comfortable feel.  Firstly, there is a beautiful density of this luxury shaggy rug.  Creating a soft thickness to touch.  Secondly, the super soft shaggy will add cosiness and warmth to your home. It will reduce noise on surfaces.  Thirdly, luxury shaggy rugs are soft to touch and can be a treat for your feet! Additionally, you can avoid walking on a cold floor.  Straightaway these super soft shaggy rugs will create a homely atmosphere.   Altogether, there are 9 beautiful colours available to choose from.


100% Soft Polyester
2400 gr/m2
50 mm pile height

Made in Turkey

  • £45.00
  • £49.99