View the full range of Luxury Soft Shaggy Rugs

The timeless Shaggy Rug collection has advanced over time to include premium luxuries rugs. The Ottova Rug Collection has a unique style that creates softness and luxury design with two-toned piles combined to meliorate the look and feel of this premium rug. the Prada Rug Collection offers the highest level of softness while the Empire Rug Collection offers the highest level of density. The look and the feel of the luxury shaggy rugs will allow you to indulge in everything a rug has to offer. nestle your feet or hands into this fabulous creation and feel the immediate softness. The quality of these lavish rugs is obvious upon the very first touch. View the range of these beautiful and high-quality rugs and choose the right rug for your home. Femme Rugs offers a high-quality selection of rugs for sale, offering a mixture of styles, materials and a choice of colours to choose from. Choosing the right rug for you can be an overwhelming choice, however, choosing from a high quality, stylish selection of rugs will certainly make your choice a little easier! View the range of premium soft rugs and find the perfect one that will add comfort, warmth and beauty to your home interior décor.

The Shaggy Rugs are made with 100% Polypropylene material and have an impressive 50mm pile height.  The soft thick density of the shaggy rugs creates a warm atmosphere that can suit any interior living space.  Suitable as a bedroom rug, living room rug, kitchen rug or hallway rug.