Furniture For Your Home- Blanket Boxes to Arm Chairs

Femme Rugs offers a range of home interiors and décor that can enhance the look and feel of your home.
View the range of stylish and comfortable accent fireside armchairs that are available in a variety of colours. Adding a simple armchair can bring a sense of style, comfort and a feeling of welcoming to any room. The beauty of an accent chair is that is doesn’t need to match other furniture, it is generally added to a room as a feature where people can sit comfortably. If you’re interested in adding a natural armchair, when not have a look at our grey armchairs. Find the armchair to match your personality and create a hospitable atmosphere in your room.
An excellent home interior piece to add to your décor is a fabric blanket box. Femme Rugs offers a stunning collection of fabric blanket boxes that are both practical and stylish. The fully assembled fabric blanket boxes are a simple yet elegant add-on to a room. They can be used for storage and offers an easy-open gas-lift feature lid. View the full range of fabric blanket boxes, from diamond blanket boxes, linen blanket boxes and plush velvet blanket boxes, find the perfect one for your home.
Mattresses in a box are the newest trend in the mattress world. The sheer simplicity and practicality of the packaging allows these comfortable mattresses to easily fit in any doorway or staircase. The Aloe Vera pocket sprung Mattress is not only comfortable and supportive, it has added health benefits of Aloe Vera knitted into the fabric which also works as an anti-bacterial fabric.