Soft and Shaggy Rugs in a range of sizes

The Shag rug creates a soft and very comfortable surface for your feet to enjoy.  There are different styles, qualities and colours of shaggy rugs for sale, each style shares the ability to make your floor cosy for all the family. Creating warmth and comfort as well as a luxurious touch. Often this style of rug can be used as the main centrepiece to a living room or as a calming bedroom rug. The extra-long pile fibres of a shaggy rug will create depth that allows your feet to seek deep into comfort. This style of rug continues to be one of the leading collections, it is a timeless look and has the softest touch. Femme Rugs has compiled a selection of styles and qualities of Shaggy Rugs. Unlike a lot of rugs that can only provide an interior styling to a room, shaggy rugs will also add a soft interior surface pacifically designed to create a relaxing atmosphere and feel extra comfort and softness to your feet. When choosing a shag rug, it is important to choose the level of density and softness that will suit your home. Femme Rugs offers a wide range of shag rug styles, the Basic Shaggy Rug continues to be the most popular rug due to its durability.