Will rugs reduce noise?


With more and more people moving to open-plan houses, apartments and high density living, noise reduction inevitably becomes a priority. Loud noises and  sounds not only are annoying but can ruin peace after a long work day or during a relaxing weekend.


Empty space loves to amplify sound. The less that fills the space, the more interior and exterior sound bounces. Sound is transmitted by the vibration of air molecules, so if you are surrounded by hard surfaces, sound is reflected back into the room.


If your furniture is hard and minimalist, try changing bits to plush furniture or lay down carpet. However, if completely redecorating isn’t an option for you, we have an idea - RUGS!


Rugs are a fun easy way to reduce noise in the home. Shoes and furniture make less noise on rugs. Adding thicker rugs and runners in high traffic areas significantly reduces noise.


Don’t want to cover that floor? Hang your rugs. Wall mounting rugs is a creative way to reduce noise. Hanging rugs not only transform your room or add a sense of uniqueness, if you have neighbours, it reduces their noise travelling. It is a win win!


With just a rug, you don’t have to live in a noisy house anymore.


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