Will Rugs Damage My Hardwood Floor?

Scrapes and damages are a given for any home that is truly lived in, but do rugs really damage those stunning hardwood floors? Or do they actually protect your floors? 

Here at Femme Rug HQ we are going to solve this for you.

The rug itself isn’t what damages your floor, it usually is non-slip rubber pads some of you may buy for underneath. This can often lead to staining on your floor if you buy a cheap rug pad. Due to the chemicals and materials that are used to manufacture these pads this may react to your wooden floors. As the majority of these pads made are “non-slip” this means they are usually made with adhesive coating which creates this non-slip action. Downside of this is, that it could have the potential of actually sticking itself to your floor! 

We have some solutions for you! 

Natural rubber 

This is the best overall option for your rug and floor and also in terms of performance and safety. This also has a natural gripping agent that means it won’t stick and destroy those floors. Natural rubber even though it is more expensive than its plastic counterpart, is actually more eco friendly. Plastic versions usually contain “off-gas” it is this that eats away and damages your hard-wood floors. 

Don’t worry this can be used on any rug and it doesn’t damage it either! It really is a win win!!

Felt & Natural Rubber 

Combining felt and natural rubber together protects both your rug and floor. You can easily combine the two by using gentle heating. Merging the two will create a longer life span not only for your floor but your rugs too!

Rugs are the protectors

Surprisingly we always get asked if the rugs damage the floor, this is not the case; rugs protect your floor. Rugs are used to protect your floor from your furniture, foot traffic and also your little furry 4 legged friends. 

Prevent Scratching & Dirt With Runners & Smaller Rugs 

Having runners and smaller/narrower rugs in high traffic areas in your home can prevent damage on your floors. However, make sure you clean, mop and hoover your floors before you place these rugs down because placing a rug on top of dirt can then embed the dirt into your floors and cause unnecessary damage.

Our modern rugs all start at 80x150 perfect for creating runners!

Place Larger Rugs in Bigger Rooms 

Placing oversized rugs anchored by furniture will protect the comings and goings off people and pets. Beware, this will inevitably cause colour variants in your wood as the rug is protecting the rug underneath. 

Pick The Right Rug for Functionality

This surprisingly is something people don’t normally do. They usually pick the prettiest or the softest. But what about the functionality of the rug? Where is it going to be situated? What room is it going to be in? Will there be heavy or light traffic over it? For instance if you are placing a rug in an office, make sure you have a low pile height so that it won’t interfere with the rolling of an office chair and the comings of day to day life. They will protect your floor, and can be easily fluffed when rearranging furniture.