Why Invest in a Rug?

A rug can effortlessly change up any room. Not only can a rug change the look and mood of a room; it can be fabulous, lifesaving and a hard working new feature.

If you’re contemplating whether to buy a rug or two for your home, here are some reasons why you should!


Usually, we think of rugs as a way to enhance our home interior decor. Rugs come in just about every colour, design, material, and shape so the sky’s your limit when you are choosing a rug. It is an ideal way to add colour and pattern to any room, large or small. Through patterns, bright colours, pastel colours or slight detailing, a rug can be placed in a room and you will see that it belongs. Whether you love bright colours or a soft neutral palette, a rug will enhance the look you are trying to achieve. A bright coloured rug can make a bold statement. While a neutral or traditional patterned rug may serve as the perfect complement to a room.


By laying a rug on a hardwood, tiled or marble floor, you immediately feel the warmth and comfort both visually and physically. Adding a rug to the giving area you have added a layer of cushion and softness to step on. Rugs add a bit of traction right where you need it and so beautifully with style. In adding that softer touch, rugs are warmer than hard surface flooring, meaning it has a better insulating value, particularly if you have solid floors such as wooden flooring, tiles or marble. All being said, by adding a rug you are boosting your insulation and helping to reduce your energy bill and saving yourself money.


There is a real pleasurable feeling when stepping on a rug at any stage of the day, there is an added sense of relaxation or that feeling of “I’m done for today.” It will add to the interior, softening and complementing surfaces of your home.


Rugs are a secret gem, complete multitasker, capable of enhancing style and hiding imperfections in one.