Why Are Rugs So Important?

Rugs are often chosen as an interior add on for their look and feel? Did you know they actually increase the indoor air qualities of your home. They are not only a huge part of our home decor especially for homes with large percentages of hard flooring. While they increase the air quality they then reduce the quality of allergens as they absorb them into the rug, this is great news for those suffering from hayfever and asthma. 

Rugs often are used to add colour, warmth and tie together a room. They are also used when placed on top of carpet to protect from any spillages, marks and traffic. Because, it’s easier to replace a rug than it is to replace a whole area of carpet or wood!

Colour, texture and patterns are all things that impact a room. For example a rug may be the perfect addition to add a colour or pattern to your neutral interior. It also adds texture to a room where things can seem to be bland, adding to the personality of the room. It is always the easiest way to add a pattern to your home. Having them on your floor makes it less intrusive than having it on your walls. Rugs can either stay in harmony with your home or be the element of surprise. 

Rug in harmony with the room!

Add Something unexpected to your floor!

Warm and comfy rugs are the best with the never changing trend of tiles and concrete floors. Adding a rug adds a sense of warmth to your home, it creates that feel good hormone when your feet touch a soft shaggy rug. You can achieve this by placing a rug on your bedroom floor beside your bed so it’s the first that impacts your mood in the morning. 

Rugs can definitely lift up dark spaces. People with a darker colour pallet in their interiors really benefit from rugs, it also helps brighten rooms that don’t necessarily get natural light. 

The most important thing a rug does is cohesion. Rugs essentially tie up a room together giving it an intimate atmosphere or vibe. Without a rug furniture appears to be simply “floating”; a room without a rug feels empty. 

Take a look at the difference in interiors 


Rugs are amazing for connecting spaces. Open plan interiors make the most of this, using similar styles and colours to connect different areas of space. Also in open spaces things are usually spread out in a way that there is no space limitation. Rugs will reinforce areas within an open interior, again creating cohesion and connecting furniture together. ‘

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Have you ever walked into a room and noticed a slight eco? Especially in open spaces or rooms with hard floors? Rugs are a really efficient way to reduce noise, they do this by adding a layer of sound absorption to the room. 


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