Why are rugs so expensive?!

Have you browsed the internet extensively and have been left wondering why rugs are so damn expensive? Even if we exclude the main designers, your basic 80x150 rug can be over 1000!  


Don’t worry - we are here to shed some light on the situation! 


What is the rug made of? 

What a rug is made of really does matter. This will determine the quality and how long the rug lasts. The main difference between materials is durability and clean-ability. 


Rugs are most commonly made of either natural fibers – like wool or silk – or synthetic materials – like nylon or polyester. Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of each material. 

Wool rugs: 

A sturdy natural fiber, wool rugs are generally a more expensive option. This is because wool rugs last for decades, are highly durable, and keep their colour and pattern over time. As a material, a rug made of wool will have a more soft and plush texture than its synthetic counterparts. 


Silk rugs: 

Second to wool in its durability, silk rugs are coveted for their high-shine and luscious texture. Silk rugs tend to be extremely expensive and they require professional cleaning, making them not the best fit for homes with kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic. 


Nylon rugs: 

A less expensive, synthetic alternative, nylon is known for its durability. This makes it a good choice for high-traffic areas. Conversely, the material is highly absorbent, meaning a nylon rug can be easily ruined by spills. 


Polyester rugs: 

Another inexpensive and synthetic option, polyester is a less absorbent material, rendering it is more stain-resistant. That said, polyester is a less durable material, and rugs made from it tend to fall apart more easily and quickly. 


What the rug is dyed with 

Rugs are usually given their colour through natural, vegetable-based dyes or chemicals. Natural dyes are more lightfast meaning it takes longer for them to fade over time. However, rugs with natural dye take longer to produce and this makes this more expensive.  

Chemically dyed rugs are quicker to produce which initially makes them cheaper. But they then fade and wear quicker! 


How is the rug made? 

This is usually a big factor if not the biggest factor in price. Hand-made loomed rugs take days of labour to complete and this then adds to the value of the rugs. Alternatively, to hand-carved, there are machine-made rugs. These are quicker to produce due to their low knot count and looser weave but this could mean they are not as durable in the long run.  

Value over time

This isn’t really a factor but it is something you should consider. Like art, if you invest in a good rug it will never lose its value over time. Also, think if you are constantly buying cheap rugs when they start to show wear and tear the money adds up over time when you could invest in one good rug that will work out cheaper in the long run.  


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