Which rugs are on trend?

There is never really a rug that is “on trend. Your on trend rug is to do with your own aesthetic and your own taste throughout your home. There is however, certain interior trends that are on-trend. Keep reading to find out!


Can’t decide on rugs? Or have a rug that is too small for your room, but you are so in love with it you can't give it up? Layer, layer, layer! Layering up on rugs adds texture and pattern to your home. It may also be a way to add colour to your home for all you minimalists.


Getting your styling tips from Morocco can be seen throughout homes these days whether it’s in your colour schemes, prints, cushions, rugs and throws. And it is no question why they are one of the biggest exports for textiles around the world. They have now focused more on minimalist look than the normal rich tones that are known.


Chevron is a print that does seem to be everywhere in various forms. Whether the lines in the print are thick or thin, whether the colours are bold or neutral. Luckily this print can go with any atheistic.

Rugs in unlikely places is a trend that designers are loving right now. Putting rugs in high traffic places protects your floors 

For example, place a rug in your kitchen not only will this add colour and texture. It supports your back when you are standing cooking that Sunday dinner, it protects your floors from stains and scratches. Rugs can also be used as a way to separate rooms, or to create focus on certain areas in your home.

Geometric prints are another pattern that will always be in trend. Again you can either make a statement or do this subtly. Here at femme rugs we have some gorgeous geometric rugs with neatural tones to make picking prints easier for you! Take a look here 

thick rug, modern rug, yellow rug


Worn vintage, is another trend throughout the interior world we are seeing more regularly. These are usually more subtle tones to the deep greens, blues and reds you see throughout classical vintage rugs. The nearly have a faded effect that creates that worn effect.

Thick rugs are another trend sweeping the nation. People want to decorate their homes by adding both style and comfort! That's why having a thick rug is perfect given how soft and cosy they are. View our thick rug collection by clicking the below image;

thick rug, modern rug, soft rug, cosy rug

Trends are just that, trends. Whether you follow them or stay authentic rugs never go out of style. Choose the right one for your interior and aesthetic.