We know how hard it is to find the perfect colour rug. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to make the process a lot more simple.  


Tip 1. Rich Colours 

Deep rich colours help create intimate spaces in your home.   


Tips 2. Light colours  

Light colour rugs help small spaces look larger.  



Tip 3. Shade and Contrast  

Creating contrasts between shades helps lift the room. Using soft muted tones with warm rich colours creates a beautiful contrast. Be careful, getting a rug the same shade as your walls may not be the best idea as it will leave your guests not knowing where to look.  



Tip 4. Cool colours 

Cooler tones within your rug leave your room with a calming atmosphere. 



Tip 5. Dark colours  

Darker coloured rugs are perfect for high traffic areas as stains and everyday wear aren’t easily noticed. However, their darker colours can make spaces look smaller. 



Let’s delve a bit deeper shall we? The tips above can be applied to all types of rugs from runners, to shaggy rugs, to traditional rugs. But let's talk about area rugs because these are usually the main rugs in peoples homes.  


Formal Colours 

The colour of an area rug can make or break your room. When you place an area rug in your room the colour and pattern initially acts as an anchor for your home decor.  


Muted Colour Tones 

You often hear us talking about “muted tones” in our blogs. These are turned down pastel like colours. If you wish to create a tranquil or serene setting these are the colour tones for you. Equally monochromatic colour schemes work well with these tones but refrain from selecting bold contrasts with your pillow and throws.  


Bright and Vibrant  

Area rugs can be made the focal point of any room, especially when they are picked with colour.  

Try not to pick the same shade as your walls here, instead pick a colour that is represented in your cushions, throws or even art.  


Complimenting Colours 

Most peoples style and decor choices fall between bold and serene.  


If you want your area rug to complement the decor of your ready established room, focus on the main tone colour that flows continuously throughout and either pick a shade up or down from it.  


For example; your room may have cream walls and burgundy sofas with cream and gold accessories. In this case you may want to opt for a rug that mixes both cream and burgundy shades to really make those gold accessories pop.  


We hope this helps when it comes to deciding on your rug!