Types of Rugs


Modern Rugs have unique designs that allow you to add a personal touch of character to any room. A modern rug can bring a bright and contemporary atmosphere to an interior space.




Traditional Rugs are set with a classic design, many of which include an oriental theme. A traditional rug is often embellished with fruitful warm colours and in many ways; create a luxurious atmosphere to a home.




Shaggy Rugs have an extra deep pile that allows the rugs to have a deeper setting, providing extra comfort and softness.  A Shaggy Rug delivers extra warmth as the deep textures provide additional smoothness.




Although a flatweave rug isn’t as soft as most other rugs, they do hold a lot of advantages! Due to being woven on a loom rather than knotted, it has a particularly low pile, this allows for less dirt or dust to gather. A Flatweave rug is excellent in dining rooms and playrooms due to the functionality of the rug.



Outdoor / Indoor: 

Made from polypropylene synthetic fibres, an outdoor/indoor rug can give you the look you want with the perfect durability as these special rugs resist moisture, stains and fading – great news for us as this is one thing less to clean!