Top 3 Rug Trends

Everyone needs some inspiration every now and then, why not have some “rug inspo” for your home? Whether you need to jazz up your living room, warm up your bedroom, or need that perfect wall hanging to spruce up your office.
However, it’s never as easy as you think, is it? There is colour, texture, size, and style to take into consideration. Well, we have you covered with our favourite picks!

Minimalist Inspiration

First up with have some sophisticated chic with our black shaggy rug. This Nordic style is heavily “IN” right now as you see across various social media platforms. Monochrome colour palates with a dash of green and browns to bring out the woodwork and small details in the furniture. Our shaggy rugs are the perfect feature for your minimalist room creating texture and depth. Choosing such a bold dense colour adds a vocal centerpiece to the room. Opting for a clean and uncluttered aesthetic seems to be the way forwards. Its defiantly my favourite!!

Graphic Glam

Within the creative industry geometric symbols are taking over; with fine artists, graphic designers, illustrators and even tattooists jumping on the bandwagon. So why don’t you? It’s a simple contemporary addition to your house adding detail and creativity to your room. You could even hang it on your wall? Beige, browns and cream colour palates add a subtle and warm tone to your room because who doesn’t love a bit of neutral glam?

Shabby Chic

What screams shabby chic more than muted palette of pinks, greys and whites? The stylish retro sofa and chairs with the pale coloured wood accompanied with the green of the foliage and flowers creates a tranquil room, allowing you to focus on décor and soft furnishings. With the pink rug creating the main focus of your room adding a girly feature to your bedroom, Livingroom or even office space.