Solving a design dilemma – “I hate the furniture in my living room” Dilemma

Working within the interior industry you always stumble across the same questions from every customer; Is this the right rug for my room? Do I have the right furniture for my room? Will this all go together? This week’s dilemma we are going to solve the “I hate the furniture I choose” one

 It's surprising the number of people who choose the furniture they initially like but then end up hating in the long run. Either they hate it because it is too bulky for their room, it’s the wrong colour or shade or out and out they just genuinely hate it. So today we are going to solve your design dilemma.

DIY it! Go to your local hardware store and buy some duck-tape mark out where you want to place your furniture. Most furniture stores either have their measurements online or in their catalog, so measure it out. See if it fits before you dive headfirst in!

If you are feeling like you don’t want to do it fully by yourself there are plenty of Interior Designers who offer E-Designs. These are both handy and affordable and if you get a nice designer, they might even give you discount! They will give you some ideas about how your room will look and feel with different types of furniture.

Now if you really don’t have a clue, and really don’t want to mess it up, grab yourself an interior designer! Some people may think that this is out of their money bracket; but honestly, there are some pretty damn good interior designers just starting out looking the experience. From my own personal use, interior designers use space completely different from how normal people do, they really transform it. They know their colours; their placements and they know how to light areas.
You will be amazed at what they come up with.

These three options are all really good in figuring out what way you want your room layout etc. Having a chat with an interior designer will always help, whether you go through with it or not. They will always be able to spark ideas, and even bring out your own personality in your home and don’t forget they usually do one-off custom pieces too! Making sure you have neutral furniture is another smart tip, that way you can swap and change your accessories and colour schemes as you please! 

Also remember adding a rug to your room breaks up every room and is always a must-have interior trend.

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