Rugs as Wall Art: Hanging Trend

Throughout this year, we have seen a growing trend all about ‘hanging rugs on walls’. Statement rug wall hangings are trending on Pinterest, all about using rugs are wall art. Let’s discuss this current rug art trend.

This growing trend has become ever so popular, which is why we’re all about showcasing our rugs like the true treasure that they are. From kilims to shags to traditional, rugs can set the tone and style of a space – especially when they’re hanging on a wall.

When the floor just isn’t giving your rug the spotlight it deserves, bring that beauty up to eye-level.

Statement rugs are always a great way of upgrading a room but having a rug as a wall hanging is a fantastic way of giving your room a modern, edgy twist. Typically, we’re used to the focal point of a room being a piece of artwork like a painting or a print. Now, interior designers are encouraging us to think outside the box when it comes to rugs, advocating that rugs shouldn’t merely be used as a finishing touch but rather as the rooms centrepiece in order to give the room a new lease of life.

When choosing a statement rug for your wall, it’s best to choose larger, bolder and more colourful patterns in order to achieve the desired modern, chic look. Remember to keep in mind the style of the room you intend to hang the rug in. It’s best to have a rug as wall art in a room with limited patterns and neutral colours so the statement rug can really steal the show!

Choosing where to hang your rug is vital. Depending on the size of the rug you’re trying to hang up, you’ll need a sufficient amount of space. Whether you would like the hanging above your bed frame or sofa, make sure that you find an area where it will be an instant show stopper and generate the attention of guests and friends.


Whether it’s a colourful antique rug from your recent travels or an abstract patterned rug that doubles as a graphic work of art, instantly transform any dull entryway with a rug that tells a story. The conversation starter will kick in the second your guests enter your home.

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Living Room

As much as we love an original print or one-of-a-kind painting, there’s nothing wrong with a little added texture above a couch. Have a rug that doesn’t quite fit where you thought it would, or love your rug so much that footsteps just simply won’t do? Show it off where you hang the most.

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Looking for a full-proof way to make the space above your bed the showstopper of your bedroom? Use a hanging rug to create a headboard with a cosy punch of pattern and flair. Play up high ceiling with an oversized style that spans most of the vertical space or hand a smaller style horizontally for a more compact statement.

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