Living Room Rug

Rugs have the ability to transform a space, let it be creating a clean neutral base or grabbing attention. When you have a room layout you need to measure that rug based on what floor space you wish to fill or what area you want to define.

The Living Area

In a larger living area with floating seating, choose a large rug which accommodates all pieces of furniture, including front and back legs, for a more consistent and luxurious appeal.

When dressing a smaller room with a sofa against the wall, choose a smaller rug (120 x 170cm) which sits neatly under the front two legs of the sofa as well as the coffee table. It will still easily hold its own and complement the room.

Be Inspired…..

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A rug that is smaller in size and only sits under the coffee table can be enough to dress the room and capture the attention of all who enter, again giving a tired room a new lease of life with creating serenity.

You should do YOU within your home, we all strive to have a beautiful showcase house like the magazines, but work your way there – start small. The right rug will have you on the path to be proud of your design.

TOP TIP: Know your measurements when shopping

Thank you for taking the time to have a read, hope you enjoyed reading this blog of how-to “Room plan your rug”, and take away some helpful hints and tips.