Modern Rugs Explained

Although modern rugs come in a wide variety of styles and designs, they are generally characterised by their use of abstract patterns, bold colours and geometric or free-form style elements. Modern rugs are more Western in their designs and are best suited to new and informal homes.

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Contemporary floral motifs are incredibly popular when it comes to modern rugs. Floral designs come in so many variations making them suitable for almost every room in your home; from the living room, to the bedroom, to even your kid’s room.

If you chose a floral carpet wisely, you can’t go wrong with it. For example, combine floral rugs with fabric patterns that follow a similar motif and have the colour of the carpet match or contrast the wall colour and you instantly have a subtle, contemporary look that will hold its appeal for a long time.

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Striped designs make a great idea for contemporary area rugs, while at a glance they might seem to be rather simple, they can be used to create a stunning focal point. Bright coloured stripes can be intriguing and exciting and really make the rug pop.

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You don’t always need a rug with patterns and designs to create a stunning focal point in a room; sometimes, a clean, toned down yet stylish look can only be achieved with a plain rug.

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Different rugs are best suited for different rooms in the home, and much of that is determined by how much footfall will be taking place in each room. For example, hallways and kitchens tend to have more footfall compared to bedrooms, therefore these rooms will require a rug that is easy to clean and hardwearing.

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