Mixing rugs in one room

Some design dilemmas are easy to solve, others? Well, others are much trickier to wrap your head around. Mixing rugs in the same room is one of the trickier ones.

How do designers get it so perfect? We are here to help you out. 


Let's start with the easiest option, use the exact same solid rug TWICE! Yes it is that simple. And if you are feeling adventurous you can even change the colour of your solid rug, as long as it matches your colour pallet.  



Now let's get to the trickier ones.  


Mixing different patterns in the same colour family. To make this really work try to stick to the same style for example; Bohemian style rugs with the same colour pallet but different patterns. But for instance, if you aren’t into the bohemian look, make sure that the patterns in the rug and colours match your overall look so it is aesthetically pleasing. 


Okay let’s try this one,  



Looks a bit daunting right? With a mix of colours and patterns? Why does it work? Well, they are virtually the same rug even with slight colour and pattern variants. It works because they are very saturated in colour and keep to the running theme in the house. However, this would not have worked if you mixed different rug types. 


You can also always mix a solid rug and a patterned one. The key is to keep to the same colour scheme then you really can’t go wrong. But we find that traditional burgundy rugs are hard to mix with so stick with a solid colour instead of clashing patterns. Also, if you are mixing patterns remember this will make your room look busy and sometimes smaller! But more energetic!