Let Art Choose You.

Buying art is always a daunting experience! What style of art do I want? Will it match my colour scheme? What artist do I choose? Is it within my price range? Does it speak to me as a person? These are all questions I am going to answer and also just give my own thoughts on buying art.

Unless you are a curator, an artist, own a gallery or are a frequent buyer this first experience of buying art is always going to be daunting at first! You may be worried over a lot of different small things that initially turn into bigger things. Such as, what size? What price? What Artist? What medium? These are all small things that make the bigger idea of buying art scary.

My advice LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE! Your home will always have to obey certain rules but with art who needs rules! Zoe Pawlak says “Art is a place for expression through colour, content, and texture,” says Pawlak. “Choose art at a heart level, and don’t forget about sculptures and rugs!” Rugs of course are an art form in their own right AND even look great on a wall!

Get to know your artists. There isn’t anything more endearing than someone who knows about the artist they are buying off. Find out the meaning behind their work, get to know their past projects, do your research never just buy for the sake of buying.

Often people be afraid of not being able to afford art, ask for payment plans or a trade. I know plenty of artists who wouldn’t mind getting a few extra dollars a month or who would love to trade skills, for example do you have sick photography skills? Use them, trade up. Ill take photos of your work if you give me a painting? That kind of thing. Commissioning is also an idea,

  When buying art, you have to act fast or miss out! Art is often unique and one of a kind, if your heart jumps at a piece don’t hang about forever waiting on it because I can assure you it won’t last. With saying that, go to art events especially emerging artists. Why wait for something to shoot up in price when you can be the first to have it, like wine art only gets better with age. Who knows you could end up with the next Da Vinci or Pollark.
Learn about your framing and paper/canvas. Be careful not to damage the paper and canvas as some ready-made frames come with acid in them which can be harmful to paints and what they are painted on. You could even get the rug you loved framed! Check out some of our rugs https://therugway.com/

Here are some of my favourite artists at the moment.