How to style YOUR home!

Starting to decorate is always a daunting experience. What colours do I choose? What accessories do I choose? And What furnishings? Will my rooms go with every season? How do I transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter? These are all different questions that be taken into consideration when you are doing a restyle or even just starting out.

Rule number 1, clear everything out! Do a spring clean or winter clear out. Throw out stuff you haven’t used and won’t use. If you are like myself and always think “what if I need this at some stage?”. I can safely tell you, you won’t! So, get to it!

What is your style? This is a question you should ask yourself before any decorating. You want to stay true to who you are, think of it as an extension of yourself.  Are you a minimalist? Is your style chic? What about bohemian? This is a major question in styling your home. You don’t want to be living in a home that doesn’t represent you!
If you are like me and you like minimalist chic but love dark colours like black and royal blues, look up Scandinavian homes or if you’re into classic looks, check our shabby chic to add an edge to your home. If you are more of a Boohoo Chick than a Lady of Elegance, Moroccan interiors and leafy green plans are your interior MUSTS!

Colour mixing and matching can be easy for some and harder for others. If you find it tricky then the colour wheel is going to be your best friend! Colours that sit next to each other work harmoniously as do that directly across from each other. I am going to list a few down below!

  • Earth tones
  • Royal blues/greens/purples
  • Pastel pink/blue/mint
  • Greyscale
  • Gold and blush
  • Gold and Dusk Blue
  • Creams
  • Corals
  • Black and white

Pick your two statement colours and work your way down through the tones is my top tip for choosing your colour schemes, and also make sure they resonate with your own style! Check out our own colour wheel on our website home page > CLICK HERE

Furnishing, obviously a huge part of your home. There are two main styles here to follow, you can either buy sets or mix and match. My personal favourite is mixing and matching your furniture, you aren’t restricted into buying the same style of sofa and chair or bed and lockers. It adds more authenticity to your home. You could even have the same set just in a different fabric or keep the colour the same and change the shape of your furniture.

Along with furnishings, you also have your accessories. Do everything in 3s. As in many disciplines for example photography, the rule of 3s is also vastly used in decorating and styling. Displaying things in 3s is more appealing visually and more balanced especially when height, sizes, and materials vary. Start small by testing it on a coffee table then apply the concept throughout your home. Just try not to overdo it! Another tip would be to always have books on your coffee table this also applies to the rule of 3s, 3 books, 3 stacks it is up to you. But it is a stylish choice! Another accessory tip is to put your candles in groups. This is much more effective than having them scattered around your home creating a bigger glow. Your living room and entrances are great spots to start!  Adding indoor plants seems to be the must-have accessory this year whether you want to go artificial or not this is the perfect vocal point in any room.


Layering! Like your outfits, we layer so we must layer our home. Keeping light blankets and throws over your sofas and beds make everything look cosier and add texture/pattern or colour to your otherwise flat or natural room. Rugs are also a must, layer these on top of each other or on top carpet or flooring to create focal points and cosiness in your home. Lastly don’t over-accessorize, sometimes less is more.

look at how we layered both our darcy and ottova rug ❤❤
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How to transition from season to season is always a must add a question from fashion, beauty and even in your home. Change up your home by creating a base, this is your base colours whether its cream, black, brown or white this is the running colour through your seasons. Add in your oranges for autumn, your reds for Christmas and your bright colours and pastels for spring-summer. Or don’t, keep one colour scheme throughout the year and just add extra rugs, blankets and accessories to create cosiness in your home for winter, make sure your Christmas tree matches and when spring-summer comes revert back.

These are all my main tips for styling your home. Do your research and dive straight in, there is no wrong answer. I have put some of my favourite examples below!

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