Colour Trends.

Interior designers are always creating and exploring new colour trends. However, four trends will never age. In this blog post, I am going to explore these four colour trends and how you can simply add them to any room in your home.

First up; Teal.


Teal I know can be one of the “wow” colours, the kind you run away from because you automatically think it’s a strong colour. I have some interior inspiration for you so don’t fear! Adding a small dash of teal by incorporating this colour into your furniture. It's simple and effective meaning you don’t have to go headfirst into painting your walls!! 

And what better way to add a dash of teal to your room than a shaggy rug! This rug breaks up the cooler tones to the room adding warmth and texture. Who doesn’t love a cozy rug in their home?
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One of my favourite colours, its apart of my everyday life from my makeup to my wardrobe so why not add it to your home? For me blush pink is your accessory colour MUST HAVE, from your blanket boxes to your footstools it is a must for me. It adds a soft feminine touch to any room in any home. You can combine it with every colour. I’d incorporate it by adding simple touches with cousins, plant pots, and picture frames.

And of course, I would incorporate a rug! Our premium Prada collection is one of my favourites. The density of the rug creates a super soft touch and well, what more do you want in a rug? Have a sneak peek at our collection :P


Black and white.
Monochrome has been in the fashion and textile world for as long as I can remember, of course you have your icons like Chanel and Audrey Hepburn who was the queen of the Little Black Dress! Every home has aspects of this trend whether you think you do or don’t. But Ill tell you a secret, it does 😉 Whether its your white walls and black kitchen supplies or your bathroom accessories


Modern contemporary rugs are for me the easiest way to incorporate monochrome into your house. Simple, and hassle-free! And why not add something different with a print :O Check out our Jasper collection for this monochrome look!! :*