Clay Tones and Geometric Shapes.

Clay tones and oversized geometrics are a massive trend this year. One we at Femme Rugs are seriously in love with! I want to take you through some of my favourites in our collection.

First up we have our stunning Bali rug! Who doesn’t love a bit of Bali in their lives? But if you are like me you would rather be sitting on the beach, unfortunately, this rug is as close as I can get you!
The geometric design and the difference between lined and blocked shapes gives this rug added dimensions, really adding character to your home!

Our Blaze rug again focusing on three different clay tones, the intricate and well thought out design plays tricks on your mind making you believe the rug is a lot longer than its actual size.
little tricks like this are the perfect addition to your home especially to elongate a room!

Next up,
We have our Max rug; this rug also comes in paler tones; but personally, I prefer the darker colour this time! It creates a three-dimensional effect creating a focus centre piece to your room! Who needs a feature wall when you can have a feature rug? I think it would look pretty sweet as a wall hanging too!!

Finally, we have our Harper collection, simple two coloured and basic geometric design creating a sleek simple addition to your home. If you are looking for a rug that has both of these styles without the fuss? This one is for you. I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little inside of what we here in The Rug Way are all about. You can shop our full range at