Carpets VS Rugs

What’s the difference? These words always seem to interchange, even though they are very different products. Carpets usually go from wall to wall, covering an entire floor and are securely fastened.

Rugs are there only to cover a specific place, or area. Rugs help define a specific room décor and allows you to change up your themes easily.

When placed in the correct location rugs are the perfect way to tie together a room with mix matched furniture and accessories.

Carpets, unlike rugs have the plus side of being secure to the floor with glue or tacs. However, if you have small children rugs are easily cleaned compared to carpets. Another downside to carpets is if you plan on changing colour scheme or due to the fact it is dirty it usually turns into a big job!

For me, rugs are the more suitable choice for people who are constantly evolving there style and ever-changing colour schemes. Click here to shop our full range!