Accessorising Your Living Room.

Your living room is the heart of the home! It’s the talking point, its where everyone meets to sit and chat. Its where the most important conversations happen and the funniest. Its where people laugh, cry and shout; so, for me it’s the most important place in anyone’s home, why not make it special?

A massive part of making the Livingroom a welcoming space for friends and family is accessories. There are so many ways a person can accessories their home, today we are going to help you with that.

  1. Have a design concept

Before you dive headfirst into accessorising your home, you must have a design concept. Deciding on a design concept will make it easier for you to pick colours, furniture and of course accessories. You need to plan it well in order to know what is exactly going into your living room. This is also important for other areas of your home.

  1. Style your windows

There are many different ideas you can use to style your windows! From fabrics, blinds, shutters and many others. Make sure the fabric, style and colour reflect your living room because window treatments can add life to your living room.

  1. Accent your floor

Your floor can have many different accents. You can do this with tiles and carpets and of course rugs. It all depends on how you want your living room to look and it looks apart of your living room not just put in there for the sake of things. If you decide to use carpets or rugs in your home, see to it that the colour is right, you can use plain or printed or even a mix of both? But be mindful of colour, this is an extension of your room.


  1. Lamps & Good Lighting

Lighting is important not just in your living room but for all over your home. Lighting not only adds light to your room but it adds beauty, mood and elegance too. Use lamps on corner tables, lighting fixtures on walls and maybe even a chandelier? As long it keeps in with the concept and design of your room.

  1. Make use of those tables and storage areas

You can also use tables and storage areas to accessorise your living room. Place ornaments, picture frames and vases etc on tables and storage areas. You can also have storage areas to display your collections. And remember always style in 3s.

  1. Wall Art

Your walls also need to look great, no point having a fabulous home with bare walls? You can do this by placing framed art on your walls and even pictures. Some people even have murals. You can even create a gallery wall with a mix of art and photos. Whatever you do make sure it fits with the theme of your room.


  1. Colours

Along with your design concept, colour should be a major factor! Some people choose black and white hues, others opt for warmer hues. Whatever colour you choose make sure it matches the personality you have.

  1. Bring the outside in!

A great way of adding some green to your home is indoor plants and fresh flowers! But if you’re like me have the worst hay fever of all time opt for artificial flowers and plants. You can place these in corners of your room or on top of tables. You can even use flowers as a centerpiece. Doing this can add a more refreshing feel to the home.

  1. Pillows and Throws

Placing pillows and throws can add a softer touch. Choose fabrics and designs that add beauty to your room. Some people opt to use colour that is the same as their couch others tend to draw from their colour and design concept using printed fabrics. It is all the choice of preference really.

  1. Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the fundamental focal point in any living room. Whether you are creating it with flowers, ceramics or a cluster of candles. You can create a centerpiece with just about anything you want. Let it compliment your room, and let it enhance your entire room.


Accessorising your living room shouldn’t feel like a chore and doesn’t require a lot of design skills. Let your accessories and furniture compliment each other. My advice, do your research, find your style, pick a concept and run with it!


*All images found on Pinterest